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Is it possible to export parts of charts that are not visible on the screen?

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I’ve got some questions to expand on this topic:

1) Can you export areas of a chart that are not visible on the screen? I have a large line chart, like a seismograph, that is never fully displayed on the screen because it is too long.

2) Can you export from a chart that is not visible on the screen?

Thank you

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So as far as I understand, you would need to modify the chart size and visible range before doing the export. And to not affect the original chart you want to do it on a separate hidden one.

Since the example of chart export is not a core feature of SciChart,
you should look for the info regarding exporting not visible element within the docs of corresponding library that is used for converting DOM element to an image.

FYI, we are working on an example of server side image export that may be useful for this case as well.

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Here is an example of taking a chart screenshot on the provided webpage via a NodeJS server endpoint using Puppeteer:

This solution could potentially be extended and customized to be more reliable and handle complex requirements.

For more profound assistance with the solution, contact us via the Support or Consultancy portals.

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