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Line graph: performance problems caused by rendering multiple lines at the same time

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Content description: The performance of scichart in single line rendering data is amazing. My current requirement is to render multiple lines at a time (up to 1800 lines). I hope that after loading, when moving the mouse, the tooltips for specific points will be displayed quickly. Are there similar cases for my reference?

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This seems like a duplicate of this question:

The use of tooltips causes the discount chart to get stuck

Have you tried my solution there?

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I have tried the method you provide to display a single prompt. However, when loading multiple polylines (more than 1000), you will still feel stuck when zooming and displaying tooltips after rendering. How can you optimize it?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I’m sure we can optimise it but we need to know more about the use-case. Putting a tooltip on 1000 lines seems a bit of an overkill. Why not post some screenshots of what you want to achieve, what industry you’re working in, what data you want to visualise and the desired outcome? Would help our team come up with a good solution
  • js scichart
    We are in the measurement industry, and we want customers to see the changes of measurement points. The information of measuring points is composed of (△ E, △ N, AH), so one point has three polylines, and there are generally 500 measuring points. The y-axis of the line chart is the coordinate value of the point, and the x-axis is the measured time. I discussed it with my colleagues because it was the tool tip that caused the performance problem. Now it is not necessary to prompt every point, but it is necessary to enable customers to distinguish the information of polylines. So our current demand is to click (or hover over) the polyline, and the discount line information will appear, such as this information (“D33 – △ E”). Will this improve the performance? If so, do you have any examples for reference? Or do you have a better plan? Thank you for your help
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