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Rotate TextAnnotation

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Is it possible to either rotate a TextAnnotation, not necessarily by user interaction but even just in code to have text going vertically?


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Unfortunately TextAnnotation doesn’t currently support rotation directly, and the part that creates the svg itself is not simple to override. For the moment it would actually be easiest to use CustomAnnotation to do this.

const rotatedText = new CustomAnnotation({ x1: 0, y1: 7});
rotatedText.svgString = `<svg class="scichart__text-annotation">
    <text x="1" y="1" fill="red" font-size="18" font-family="Arial" transform="rotate(45)">This Text is Rotated</text>

SVG itself has very good rotation support, via the transform property which can include rotations and translations. The significantly tricky bit is getting the centre of rotation correct so that you can place the text where you expect. This SO thread describes a few different strategies


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