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Scichart blazor available ?

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Do scichart supports microsoft blazor ?
If yes, Any examples available ?

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Great Answer

One of our customers has created a NuGet package to wrap the SciChart Builder API in MS Blazor

He’s asked for contributors so if you see something that can be improved log an issue or create a PR!

Best regards

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It is possible to use scichart with blazor, by writing code to interact with scichart using javascript (or typescript) and then calling it from C# using JsRuntime.InvokeVoidAsync

I’ve added an example to the SciChart.JS.Examples github repo. It’s in the dev branch at the moment but will get merged to master soon.

The example also shows the beginnings of the next stage, which is to have wrapper code in C# with which you define your chart, which handles the javascript calls internally.

David Burleigh
SciChart Senior Developer

  • Benjamin Cote
    David, Can you add a little more info to the readme, specifically some guidance on how you setup npm and webpack for those of us unfamiliar with that toolchain? I can get your demo project to work, however, I cannot replicate it in my own project/solution.
  • Benjamin Cote
    I get as far as running nvm run build and get the following error: “node_modules\colorette’ do not define a valid ‘.’ target”
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