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SciChart.js Electron, Typescript React Boilerplate example

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I try to use this exemple on my PC with (nodejs 8.13.0) and i can’t run this app example. I receive this error:

× 「wds」: Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized
using a configuration object that does not match the API schema.

configuration.optimization has an unknown property ‘namedModules’.
These properties are valid:

object { checkWasmTypes?, chunkIds?, concatenateModules?,
emitOnErrors?, flagIncludedChunks?, innerGraph?, mangleExports?,
mangleWasmImports?, mergeDuplicateChunks?, minimize?, minimizer?,
moduleIds?, noEmitOnErrors?, nodeEnv?, portableRecords?,
providedExports?, realContentHash?, removeAvailableModules?,
removeEmptyChunks?, runtimeChunk?, sideEffects?, splitChunks?,
usedExports? }

-> Enables/Disables integrated optimizations. Did you mean optimization.moduleIds: “named” (BREAKING CHANGE since webpack 5)?*

Is there compatiblity problem with nodejs LTS version?
Thans for your response.

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Hi Max,
I updated the Electron Demo Example and tested it. It works fine for Node versions from 10 to 16. Unfortunately it does not work for version 8, because electron has many dependencies that require at least version 10 of Node. The example also does not work with version 18 because of this error “Error message “error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported””. If you need to run the example with Node 18 you should enable legacy OpenSSL provider, this stackoverflow link will be helpful.

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