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we plan to generate reports containing SciChart charts, so we can re-use the chart components we show in our web-application. We did the same successfully in the past with SciChart for WPF.

So far I didn’t find any special support to generate high quality print output (and printing for js charts in general). Using the web-browsers print function the charts are rendered as bitmaps at screen resolution. In SciChart for WPF you provide a Vector Rendering Plugin which we used for printing (as described here

Is there already support for high quality rendering in SciChart.js or do you have plans for it and maybe a timeline when to expect it?

I found one issue when printing from the example charts ( After opening with a new browser window, on the first print the page content in the print dialog is most times empty but after reloading (F5) it is apparently always shown. I don’t know yet if this would be an issue when rendering to a PDF which we plan, but I think this should always work at the first time a page is loaded. Tested with current Chrome (88.0.4324.104) and Edge (88.0.705.56).

I wanted to attach a .png screenshot (435 KiB) but it didn’t work (a progress bar runs to 100% but then the file list is still empty tried file selection and drag&drop ). I think the issue should be understandable without a screenshot?

I could add the image using the edit function.



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Hi Nils,

Thank you for writing the question.

I tried several times printing this page to PDF. In fact, I did not get any problems and the result seems to be quite good. Please look at the attached file.

Unfortunately, we do not have a support for high quality rendering in SciChart.js and do not have this task in the release plan.
However, we would really appreciate if you create a feature request for our roadmap. Please give a detailed description of the needed functionality.

Here is how: (Please add “For JavaScript” at the topic of the request).

Best regards,

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