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SciChartJS - specify colour of LegendModifier

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I am adding a LegendModifier to display legends for my chart as below:

_sciChartSurface.chartModifiers.add(new SciChart.LegendModifier({ showCheckboxes: true }));

My legend currently looks like the below, with very poor legend visibility:

![enter image description here][1]

I want to know how to set this legend to be opaque so that the labels may be seen clearly. What would be event better would be to just have a constant class for my legend collection (perhaps .sciChartLegendsContainer or whatever) so that I can apply my own css styling myself, without having to hack around with javascript.

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Best Answer

Hello Malcolm,

As of now you can set a custom lagend background as such:

sciChartSurface.themeProvider.legendBackgroundBrush = "red";  

Also, we have a task in our backlog to allow easier styling using CSS:

Best Regards,

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