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Stack Y axis scale with the trace series not overlapping

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Hi, I wanted to make a multiple Y-Axis scale with multiple series plot into their respective Y scale. Like this,

Series A plot to 1st Y-axis Scale
Series B plot to 2nd Y-axis Scale
Series C plot to 3rd Y-axis Scale
Series D plot to 4th Y-axis Scale

and all those series are not overlapping each other. I want to do like the picture attached but with the series are not overlapping to each other.

  • Michael Klishevich
    Hi Syahiran. Do I get you right that you want to create in JavaScript this chart from WPF Examples App? This chart is called Vertically Stacked YAxis Chart and we have not implemented it yet in SciChart.js. But I wonder if other options like using multiple YAxis or multiple SciChartSurfaces are suitable for you?
  • syahiran keysight
    So when it is expected to be implement? Currently I’m using the multiple YAxis but the series are overlapping, I also tried to use property growBy but the thing is, the above and below traces series will be overlapping at some point when below series hit the highest value and above series hit the lowest value.
  • syahiran keysight
    I also tried to adjust the growBy properties and nothing happen. I noticed that the growBy can be set only when creating/declaring the axis only. Is this a bug or I do it in a wrong way? because I tried to change the visible range is working fine but not the growBy properties. sciChartSurface.yAxes.items[x].growBy = new NumberRange(minValue, maxValue);
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Hi Syahiran,

The feature you are looking for is called Vertically Stacked Axis, which exists on our Windows (WPF) Charts, iOS and Android charts. It does not yet exist on JavaScript.

We have added this feature to our roadmap. In the meantime, we have a similar example here but without the Y-Axis.

JavaScript Vital Signs ECG/EKG Medical Demo

Best regards,

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