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StackedColumn with jagged data in JS

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We have multiple sets of data that we’d like to display as a Stacked Column. The problem is that our data is jagged, meaning each series may not have a value for every value on the x-axis (it’s a time series by day).

Is there any way to present this data without having to merge all the x-values in every dataset? These a very large sets and it just does not seem to be efficient to do this.



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Great Answer

Hi Christopher

Thanks for your enquiry! Stacked Column series in SciChart (all platforms) need to have the same x-values for every point. You can insert a null point by setting Y-value = NaN or Y-value = zero.

It’s a little extra code to do this but not really inefficient. Either you would be doing this in your data layer or we would internally.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Best regards,

  • Christopher Aliotta
    Thanks Andrew. We’ll do that. Excellent product and keep up the good work!
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