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I need to set VerticalLineAnnotations without a label.

My setting is:

const verticalLineAnnotation = new VerticalLineAnnotation({
stroke: "ff2626",
strokeThickness: 3,
x1: -1,
showLabel: false,
isEditable: true,
isHidden: true

When the user needs the annotation the VerticalLineAnnotation is made visible by setting isHidden = false. After setting it to false an exception is thrown with following content: “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘left’)”.

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Hi Rene

This was fixed in build 2.0.2127 and published to Npmjs here:

Can you try it?

Best regards,

  • René Völkel
    Hi Andrew, yes, I tried it, it is working now. Regarding updates through the npm system: I see that you are updating the package relatively often. But I haven’t found detailed release notes on these updates. So I hesitate from updating the scichart package for every little version bump. Is there a page where the release notes are listed?
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