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WEBGPU support

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From what I’ve read into chrome’s roadmap, everything seems on track for a webgpu release in May.
Is scichart taking this into account and planning to add webgpu support?
I suspect this would make quite an impact on performance, so it would be a great addition.


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Hi Joao,

That’s a good question. At the moment we are targeting only WebGL1 and WebGL2.

However, the good news is the SciChart tech stack is very well positioned & agile for taking advantage of new rendering technologies. Here’s a quick image showing our tech stack at a high level:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Essentially what we’ve built is a cross-platform graphics engine in C++ which currently targets multiple hardware-accelerated rendering APIs. We already target DirectX 9, 10, 11, OpenGL, OpenGLES 1 & 2, Metal and WebGL 1 & 2. This library is compiled into WebAssembly for our JavaScript charts allowing us to target WebGL in the browser using essentially the same code as our Windows (WPF) and mobile (ios/android) charts (this leads to great code-reuse and efficient bug fixing & feature development across platforms)

At the moment our graphics engine doesn’t support WebGPU but could be easily added when the time comes. We’ve done it in the past (added support for new rendering technologies) so it is possible.

Whether we have it done for the release, I’m not sure, but I wanted to give you some background on how our technology is built because this shows that actually yes we do have foresight & ability to add new graphics technologies as and when they’re released.

More details – I can share as and when we investigate WebGPU. If you want to discuss more, I’ve dropped you an email if you would like to talk further on the topic.

Best regards

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