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Is there a way to update the entire data series instead of a particular y value at an index ?

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Hi Vamsi

You can use this code to replace all values in a DataSeries:

dataSeries.removeRange(0, dataSeries.count());
dataSeries.appendRange(newXValues, newYValues);
// SciChart will automatically redraw

This should be fairly performant but does resize the buffer twice due to the remove & add. Alternatively you can simply create a new DataSeries and assign to your renderableSeries like this:

const xValues: number[] = []; // Given x,y values in an array 
const yValues: number[] = [];
const oldDataSeries = rs.dataSeries;
const newDataSeries = new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, { xValues, yValues} );
rs.dataSeries = newDataSeries;  // SciChart will automatically redraw
oldDataSeries.delete(); // Delete old series to release memory

Try those. If you need a specific dataSeries.replace() function to overwrite all data more efficiently we can add this as well.

Best regards,

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