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I’d like to add some descriptive text next to the chart. When the legend is displayed to the left of the chart there is a lot of blank space below the legend so that would be the perfect place to place my text. Can annotations do this or are they limited to the chart area itself? If so, is there some other way to achieve what I want (eg. draw directly on the graphics pane)?

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Hi David,

Annotations can only be placed on the SciChartSurface central area – e.g. the area between the axis. Some special annotation types, such as the AxisMarkerAnnotation can be placed on the axis.

If you want to draw some descriptive text over the entire chart, then why not use a WPF grid? Simply placing the chart inside a grid, you can overlay any element thanks to WPF’s compositing.

    <s:SciChartSurface/> ...
    <TextBlock Text="Hello World!" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Right" Margin="10,10,10,10"/>

Also, annotations if you do place them on the centre area can be positioned using Relative or Absolute coordinates. See Annotation.CoordinateMode = Relative which is used to place watermarks and info text at a specific location on the chart.

Best regards,

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Ok, thanks. I’m using WinForms currently while I evaluate SciChart but being able to composite is yet another reason to ultimately move to WPF.

The more I use SciChart the more impressed I am!

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