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is it possible to implement clustered barcharts in SciChart? In extension to this question: If there is a way, can those clustered bars displayed overlapping by e.g. 50 percent.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Hi there,

The closest we have to a clustered bar chart is the Stacked Columns Side by Side example in our examples suite.

You’ll need to use the StackedGroupId property to arrange bars side by side:

<SciChart:StackedColumnRenderableSeries x:Name="columnSeries2" DataPointWidth="0.35" SeriesColor="#333" StackedGroupId="A" FillBrush="{StaticResource chartFill1}"/>

Overlapping by 50%, no I don’t think SciChart supports that. Maybe you could submit a screenshot in your question to show us what you mean?


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