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From your documentation:

4.9 Annotations

SciChart features a rich Annotations API, that allows you to place UIKit UIElements over the chart.
SciChat provides a number of built-in annotations, but you can also create your own.

SCIBoxAnnotation, SCILineAnnotation and SCITextAnnotation are cool, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Is it possible to render UIView on the chart (at least UIImage)?
Is it possible to draw dashed line annotation?
Could you provide an example of creating custom annotation class?

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Hi there!

Thanks for your enquiry. We discussed this at this mornings stand-up and the status is as follows.

Currently it’s not possible to do a CustomAnnotation in SciChart iOS. We do have this feature in other platforms so we do intend to port it. Unfortunately there is no easy workaround – at the moment – not without some fairly deep customisation.

I have put it in our v1.2 sprint (24th July – 5th August) so the question is, can you wait until then?

I realise it’s a bit inconvenient but I can assure you it is an important feature to build so we will aim to do it.

Best regards,

  • Andrei Sushynski
    Hi there.So, Is it possible to draw dashed line annotation at the current version
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Hi there.
So, Is it possible to draw dashed line annotation at the current version

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Good day

Dashed line feature will be delivered with 2.0 release

Best regards
SciChart iOS Developer

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