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I would like to place a double rollovermodifier. My goal is to have two rollovermodifiers so that i can add a box on my screen where i can see the difference between these two rollovermodifier in the XAxis. I also would llike to place two for the YAxis. Is this posible?
Maybe this can be done with a HorizontalLineAnnotation and VerticalLineAnnotation but i cant get it to work.

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Hi Bochelie,

Could I ask you to post screenshots here? It would be a great clarification for the desired behavior. Also, how are you going to interact with two rollovers simultaneously?


  • bochelie
    I should not have mentioned the rollovermodifier. I dont have a screenshot right now. But you can imagine it have to work as two independent HorizontalLineAnnotation, not like the rollovermodifier.The thing i need is for each HorizontalLineAnnotation to be able to get the Yvalue of the point at wich it is, and it is in that way in wich it should behave like the rollovermodifier. If i have them then i wil make sure to substract the values and place the result in a lable or something.Also i would need to place two VerticalLineAnnotation in order to get the XAxis difference. I hope its more clear now.
  • Yuriy
    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think you could use Binding or Multibinding to the Y1 or X1 property of annotations, get both values, then calculate the difference in ValueConverter and show it. There is an example which demonstrates HorizontalLine's value tracking, please, take a look at Drag Horizontal Treshold.
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SciChart v3.0 now supports a VerticalSliceModifier, which provides a draggable Vertical line which shows series values as Rollover style tooltips as you drag the line. You can see an example of it in action here:

Series Vertical Slices Example

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