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For evaluation purposes, I would like to gather some information first, about the capabilities of your silverlight chart control.

I’ve seen your demo app, and so far I’m impressed, the performance seems exceptional, but there are still capabilities which we require, I could not figure out, if they all are supported by your chart control.

For our project we got the following requirements concerning the chart control

high performance

Can SciChart

Display a single chart with 30 curves per chart, and 5000 data points for each curve
Display 10 charts in 1 view with 30 curves each, and 200 data points each curve.
Because of easier integration into the current UI, these 10 charts would need to be single instances of the chart control
Furthermore, each minute new data points will be added to these charts, this should be done without blocking the UI.
Also it’s to note, that our application might run over several days, and that memory consumption and stability is another concern in this regard.


We need to display the following curve types in one chart

step line
line/spline range (a filled area between two individual curves top and bottom)
zooming and panning for y- and x- axes
some way to drag curves with the mouse cursor interactively (this only concerns the x-axes) (nice to have)
support for multiple y-axes,
the ability to set the range of the axes manually (min and max)
there should be a way to format the text of the labels along the chart axes
curves need to be made visible and invisible in an instance
it should be possible to give each curve a different rgb colour
MVVM support, but we need the ability to add curves dynamically at runtime</liL

If you would be so kind, to tell us, which of these requirements your chart control in its present state can satisfy, it would help us a great deal evaluating your control

Thanks in advance for your time

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Best Answer

Hi Ruebe,

Thanks for your enquiry and the positive feedback! Let me take a moment to answer your questions:


One of our demos creates 80 series of 150 points, and loads instantly.

We also have an MVVM demo showing 9 charts with 1000 points each as well as a demo showing one chart with up to 10,000,000 points.

One of our users is displaying 6 charts with >1,000,000 points per chart in real-time (updated sub-second), another displaying a single chart with 2,000 series of 300 points. In all cases the initial load is either instant or at most 1 second and memory usage is minimum (not much more than memory to store the X,Y data)

SciChart supports appending data on a background thread and automatically decouples rendering for you, so just append as fast as you like and let SciChart do the work.


The following features are supported

  • Line chart, step line (see FastLineRenderableSeries.IsStepLine used on the “Oscilloscope” example)
  • Zooming and panning for X Y axes (see ZoomPanModifier, YAxisDragModifier, XAxisDragModifier, RubberBandXyZoomModifier and our “Zoom and Pan a chart” examples)
  • Unlimited Y-axis support (see SciChartSurface.YAxes property)
  • Programmatically setting VisibleRange (see AxisBase.VisibleRange)
  • AxisBase.TextFormatting which supports a formatting string
  • RenderableSeries.IsVisible property to show/hide series
  • Coloring of series (see FastLineRenderableSeries.SeriesColor property)
  • MVVM support (see this forum post which has an example attached)
  • Banded series (filled area between two series), see FastBandRenderableSeries
  • X-Axis labelling is supported by the LabelProvider API

The following features are not supported

  • Spline line series
  • Dragging curves in X-direction, although this can be supported by creating a Custom Modifier and offsetting a DataSeries

Hope this is helpful.

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