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I am using the FastBoxPlotRenderableSeries that is new in 2.0 and I have been able to get a basic box / whisker chart working.

Are there any additional ways to customize this type of chart beyond setting the .SeriesColor and .BodyBrush properties that I see in the demo code?

Specifically, I have 40 datapoints along the X-Axis, and even though the chart spans my screen, the width of each box-portion is still thin. This makes it hard to see the median-marker-line or any type of gradient brush I might want to apply to the box portions of the box/whisker. There is plenty of room in my chart to widen those boxes without intruding into the other X-Axis datapoints, I just don’t know how.


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Hi Jneima,

Thanks for your enquiry! Yes, you can set the FastBoxPlotRenderableseries.DataPointWidth property (from 0.0 to 1.0) to change the relative width of the bars. I think the default is 0.4.

Also, pretty soon we will release a hotfix to SciChart v2.0 and one of the improvements is all RenderableSeries are no longer sealed, and the Draw methods are protected-virtual, so if you have access to the source code (Via source code license) it will be very easy to override series and make minor adjustments to the rendering code.

Hope this helps!


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