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I’m trying to plot a FIFO series but nothing is rendering. I’m using a timer to append a new point to the series every 0.5 seconds – the X-value is simply an incrementing integer, while the Y-value often stays the same, or might change once every few seconds or so. I would therefore have expected to see a flat-line being plotted, or a “staircase” pattern (in the latter scenario), but I get nothing at all. It uses a timer and continuously appends the same Y value (line 38 in MainWindow.xaml.cs) – I don’t see anything being plotted on the chart. If I comment out that line and uncomment the one above it (to generate random Y values), then the chart does plot.

If I randomly generate the Y-value then it does plot – it’s as though the FIFO chart/series only works if each newly appended Y-value is different from the previous one? Is this expected behaviour or a problem?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Andrew,

I’ve tried it out and found a solution, you need just to add GrowBy to YAxis:

            <SciChart:NumericAxis AutoRange="True"

                    <SciChart:DoubleRange Max="0.1" Min="0.1" />


It looks a bit strange, but it works properly. Please, try out and let me know if this helps.

Anyway, this issue needs further investigation.


  • andyste1
    Yes that's sorted it. Many thanks. Andrew
  • RMittelman
    When I try adding the GrowBy section to my Y axis, it does not work. If I only use the following: It says "Property GrowBy does not have a value. If I use the following: It says: "The type 'sciChart.DoubleRange' was not found. Verify you are not missing a reference..." I do have Abt.Controls.SciChart.Wpf referenced. What other reference am I missing? Thanks...
  • RMittelman
    Crap, it didn't include the XAML I pasted in when I posted. The first error message happens when I have an empty GrowBy segment in my XAML. The second error happens when I use the suggested GrowBy segment, including the DoubleRange item.
  • RMittelman
    Never mind, solved it myself. PEBCAK error (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard).
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