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Quick one: take the Stacked Columns (side by side) example. The first and last columns are only half visible which I can see kind of makes sense for NumericAxis as you can specify a grow factor.  But for CategoryDateTimeAxis, this still happens and GrowBy only grows the axis on the right hand side and with categories as dates, you tend to want to see all of the categories labelled correctly.

How can we make sure that the first and last cateogories/bars are shown in their entirety? I’m tempted to just add single “Padding Dates” to either side of the data-set but the purist in side of me feels wrong doing that.

Many thanks


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Hi Seb,

This was recently requested recently actually – our CategoryDateTImeAxis is index based, so if you want points 0 to 100 it will display those, and the Candlesticks are centred on the points. This is because a line-series with 1/2 a point padding either side would not look correct – it would have a 1/2 point gap to the left and right – whereas a candlestick chart looks perfect.

What I’ll do is log this as a feature request. It’s not a big one, I think some optional 1/2 point padding around the axis via a flag on CategoryDateTimeAxis would not be hard to achieve.

Best regards,

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