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I have some XyDataSeries<DateTime, double> showing some data on my chart. Also I have 2 vertical line annotations (red and blue) where I know the two DateTime values.

Is there a effective way to get the double values between this range of each XyDataSeries.

Regarrds Markus

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Best Answer

Hi there,

Yes there is, you want to use the DataSeries.FindIndex method.

int FindIndex(IComparable x, SearchMode searchMode)

Finds the index to the DataSeries at the specified X-Value, where
– x = The X-value to search for
– searchMode = The Abt.Controls.SciChart.Common.Extensions.SearchMode options to use. Default is exact, where -1 is returned if the index is not found

Then, you want to query the DataSeries.YValues[] array between these indices. make sure you cast your Dataseries to XyDataSeries<DateTime, Double> to get the strongly typed YValues array

Best regards,

  • Rawukal
    Hi, tried this but the problem is that I can only select SearchMode.Exact other modes will raise System.NotImplementedException (FindIndex() in not implemented for searchMode Nearest) . And the values from the VerticalLineAnnotations are not exact I think.Regards Markus
  • Andrew
    this only occurs if the data in your chart is unsorted, which is a really bad idea since it reduces performance by an order of magnitude. Can you double-check?
  • Rawukal
    Checked it. The DataSeries is unsorted. Thought it's sorted. Thank you for your help!!!
  • Andrew
    No probs! Quick question: are you able to vote and mark as answer? I ask because Im not sure what permissions are for users. Best regards, Andrew
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