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Is it possible to set legend item orientation to horizontal? Normally they all stack vertically.


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Hi Charith,

Unfortunately, there aren’t any ways to do this except modifying control’s template. As a workaround, you could use VisualTreeHelper to get ItemsControl in code and change Orientation of used Panel, or replace it by another panel. Something like the following should help:

            var itemsControl = legendControl.Template.FindName("PART_LegendItems", legendControl) as ItemsControl;
            if (itemsControl != null)
                var factoryPanel = new FrameworkElementFactory(typeof (StackPanel));
                factoryPanel.SetValue(StackPanel.OrientationProperty, Orientation.Horizontal);

                itemsControl.ItemsPanel = new ItemsPanelTemplate {VisualTree = factoryPanel};

I logged your request and we will try to improve SciChartLegend in future.

Best regards,

  • Andrew
    Just to add my 2p:Funnily enough someone else asked a similar question today on email. I would suggest re-templating as then you can do anything (That's the power of WPF!)There is a forum post on custom templating the Legend Control here.Hope this helps! Andrew
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Just an update, we are about to release SciChart v3.1, which will include a few enhancements to the legend. In v3.1, syntax to achieve a horizontal legend will include:

<!-- New to SciChart v3.1! LegendModifier exposes ability to dock a legend inside a chart, change orientation -->
<SciChart:LegendModifier  ShowLegend="True"
          Margin="10" />

<!-- OR -->

<SciChartLegend Orientation="Horizontal"/>

That’s it!

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