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I want to zoom the chart using mouse wheel. But not zoom at mouse point center, but at the specified point center I set.

How can I do it?
Is there any properties for MouseWheelZoomModifier?

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Best Answer

Hi there

You can override MouseWheelZoomModifier.OnModifierMouseWheel() to customize the behaviour

For example

    /// <summary>
    /// Called when the Mouse Wheel is scrolled on the parent <see cref="SciChartSurface"/>
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="e">Arguments detailing the mouse wheel operation</param>
    /// <remarks></remarks>
    public override void OnModifierMouseWheel(ModifierMouseArgs e)

        e.Handled = true;

        const double mouseWheelDeltaCoef = 120;

        using (ParentSurface.SuspendUpdates())
            double value = -e.Delta / mouseWheelDeltaCoef;

            var currDirection = XyDirection;
            var currAction = ActionType;


           // THIS is where we get the mouse point
            var mousePoint = GetPointRelativeTo(e.MousePoint, ModifierSurface);
            _performAction(mousePoint, value);


            this.SetCurrentValue(XyDirectionProperty, currDirection);
            this.SetCurrentValue(ActionTypeProperty, currAction);

Or … the much simpler way – to pass a different point to the base

    public class MouseWheelModifierEx : MouseWheelZoomModifier
        public override void OnModifierMouseWheel(ModifierMouseArgs e)
            // Override the mouse point
            e.MousePoint = new Point(10, 20);

            // Call base

Best regards,

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