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take the SciChart Trader as an example, x-Axis is type of CategoryDateTimeAxis. I want a way to show the index of the time in the collection, when mouse moves over the price bar in some mode like Rollover or Cursor.


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Hi there,

If you need to add index of current point into tooltip label – you could use SeriesInfo.DataSeriesIndex value :

<DataTemplate x:Key="ChartDataTemplate" DataType="s:SeriesInfo">

        <TextBlock Text="{Binding DataSeriesIndex}"/>


If you need to add index into axis tooltip – this would require some additional customization:

  1. You need to create custom AxisInfo and add index property;
  2. Then you need to override CategoryDateTimeAxis.HitTest method and return instance of CustomAxisInfo with value for index property. To get index you can use next code:
    var pixelCoordinate = IsHorizontalAxis ? atPoint.X : atPoint.Y
    var index = GetCurrentCoordinateCalculator().GetDataValue(pixelCoordinate);
  3. You need to change axis label tempate of modifier which you use.

There is forum thread which shows how to create and use custom axis info – Custom AxisLabelTemplate and LabelProvider.
Maybe it will be useful.

Hope it helps!

  • chunxi
    Many thanks Yura! I solved the problem.
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Hi there.

Do you have some screenshots which demonstates desired appearance of tooltip? As I understand you need to display index of renderable series in tooltip – in this case I would suggest to place index in DataSeries.SeriesName property.

By default RolloverModifier displays tooltip with SeriesName if it is set out of box. Please take a look on this example –
Real-Time with Cursors.

Also you could try to change tooltip template if you need some custom tooltip. Here is example where rollover has custom tooltip with SeriesName binding – Rollover Feedback.

  • chunxi
    Thanks Yura, But I don't know how to add the index to the text. Looks I need to change something here. Can you help me? <DataTemplate x:Key="ChartDataTemplate" DataType="s:SeriesInfo"> <Grid> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition/> <ColumnDefinition/> <ColumnDefinition/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions><TextBlock Grid.Column="0" Margin="3,2,2,2" Style="{StaticResource ChartDataItemsStyle}" Text="{Binding SeriesName}"/> <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Margin="0,2,2,2" Style="{StaticResource ChartDataItemsStyle}" Text=":"/> <TextBlock Grid.Column="2" Margin="3,2,20,2" Style="{StaticResource ChartDataItemsStyle}" Text="{Binding Value, StringFormat=\{0:0.00000\}}" /> </Grid> </DataTemplate>
  • chunxi
    I want to show the index of the 'Value' in the current series
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alternatively, if we can show the index for the tooltip when mouse move over the X-Axis, Please see my attached pic.

  • chunxi
    can anybody help answer the question?thanks!
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