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Have a look at the example. I’d like to get rid of the brown line between June 10 and 11. Since there’s no day between 10 and 11, I can’t use the draw NaN as gap option here. Or can I?


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If you repeat the point at either X=10th June or X=12th June but set Y=NaN it will put a break in the line.

So your data will look like

X=9th Y=(some value)
X=10th Y=(some value)
X=12th Y=NaN
X=12th Y=(some value)
X=13th Y=(some value)

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Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion indeed puts a break in the line, but unfortunately it also moves everything after the gap one position to the right. So the June 12th value is displayed under June 13 etc…

What am I missing?

  • Andrew
    I haven’t tried it but I can give you three simple things to try. Try X=10th, X=11th. What happens?If you are using CategoryDateTimeAxis it is important that all series have the same number of points unfortunately. So you will have to put a NaN in the Candlestick series as well. But that will probably have the side-effect of having a gap in the candlestick chart (undesired).Come of think of it the only way might be to override FastLineRenderableSeries.Draw and do the drawing yourself. We have a tutorial here on this powerful custom series API
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