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I am currently evaluating SciCharts and have run into a problem with the Performance Demo.

After switching views several times and loading the respective data, I find that the application stops responding. I have tried restarting the demo, and the same thing happens every time.

Are there any known issues with the performance demo, or is there any reason that this might be happening?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris,

There are no known issues with the SciChart examples, but seems like you have found one.

Just to clarify – do you mean this performance demo?

Or do you mean the Scichart Performance Demo exe packaged with the installer?

If there is a problem, its probably related to the demo itself not properly shutting down examples on switching. The actual SciChart component is pretty rock solid stable.

If you give me more detailed steps to reproduce, we can investigate.

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,

I mean the exe packaged with the installer.

I encounter the problem when I do the following:
Cycle through the 5 available demo’s using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the window, and for each one load the chart data via the ‘Begin’ button.
With the window maximized, the application hangs at around the 7th viewed demo.

I’ve just tried it with the window set to a smaller size (roughly 2/3 screen height and 1/2 screen width) – and it takes quite a bit longer to occur – at around the 30th page switch.

Let me know if you need any more info.



  • Andrew
    Thanks Chris. It's likely a problem with the demo itself, not scichart, as we also have a scichart examples suite with 80+ examples, which doesn't experience this issue. Let me pass this over to the team and see if we can get a resolution. Best regards, Andrew
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