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I´ve encountered following problem. My application should visualize variables of a machine. The user can select those variables an organize them in goups. For each group a SciChartSurface should be visualized with the selected variable as DataSeries.

Therefore I created a ViewModel for those groups. Holding them in a ObservableCollection wich is bound to an ItemsControl:

        ItemsSource="{Binding ChartViewModels}"
                <UniformGrid Columns="1"/>
            <DataTemplate DataType="traceControl:ChartViewModel">

                    <s:SciChartSurface Loaded="ChartSurface_Loaded" 


                      <!-- Some other stuff is also in here, modifiers and axissetup -->



There is a Refresh-Action. It does clearing the the ViewModel Collection and creating new ViewModels depending on the configuration and fill them in the ViewModel Collection.

If both actionparts (clearing and filling data) were executed together in for example the ICommand of a button, the memory footprint is increasing each time the refresh button is hit.

If the actionparts were executed one by one, e.g. a clear button and a fill button, everything is fine.

Do I miss something?

Thanks in advance!


p.s. I was not allowed to add Screenshots of dotMemory

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Hi Markus

Does the memory leak occur in the latest version of SciChart (v4.2.5?). If YES, please post a support ticket to support [at] and we will be glad to investigate. You can safety include screenshots of dotMemory in support tickets as they are private to our staff.

Best regards,

  • Markus Kessler
    Hi Andrew,thanks for your response. Unfortunatly I am bound to the version of SciChart due to the fact that I am working for a customer, who is providing the SciChart license.Best regards, Markus
  • Andrew
    Hi Markus, if you can provide us code to reproduce the issue, we can investigate on v4.2.2 and v4.2.5 of SciChart. If you can’t for whatever reason, I’m afraid we can’t help! We need to see it to be able to investigate + fix it. Best regards Andrew
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