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Why are you using .NET System namespaces in your product?

There are namespaces such as System.Diagnostics (and StopWatch class) in the scichart.dll.

This is not “friendly”.

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Hi there,

SciChart is a cross-platform WPF & Silverlight component, which shares around 95% of its codebase between the two platforms. I’m sure you’re aware there are a few deficiencies in the Silverlight platform, for instance, there is no System.Diagnostics.StopWatch, no ICloneable interface, no UIElement.SnapsToPixels etc!

Where you see classes like this it is to provide a syntactically correct equivalent for a WPF class or method which doesn’t exist in Silverlight. To give us the best cross-platform compatibility, the namespaces are the same as in WPF. It’s a technique many bloggers & tech writers use to create cross-platform code.

SciChart also uses WriteableBitmapEx, which is an open source 2D drawing engine, licensed under MS-PL. We try not to deviate too much from their source, which uses the namespace System.Media.Imaging so that WriteableBitmap extension methods are available wherever you reference a WriteableBitmap.

To ensure your code doesn’t get polluted with ours in dummy namespaces, those classes are marked as internal. May I ask, is there a problem with conflicting namespace on a class from SciChart with a MS namespace? If so, let me know which, I can rectify this by ensuring it is marked as internal.

Best regards,

  • ghs
    Thank you for the response Andrew.Your response explains things and I do not forsee a problem moving forward based on your expanantion.(I did have a name conflict with Stopwatch but that was due to accidently including a SciChart SL dll in a WPF evaluation app).Gerry
  • Andrew
    Hi Gerry,I'm glad you got it sorted, we welcome feedback, even if critical (!) so please don't hold back. If you have any other problems let me know.Andrew
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