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Why there are no points and line appear when I try to plot the graph in real time?
I also have verify with an example “Creates Real-time Charts” but still no lines appear.The graph is moving but to points and line appear.

SciChar v2.2.3441 and v1.7.1.2560
Win 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
.Net 4.5 installed


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Judging by what you’ve told me (it does not work on one PC), I believe you are witnessing the Intel Driver Issue previously reported.

This is an issue where certain Intel Graphics chips / driver combinations do not update the .NET WriteableBitmap. In this thread we have a sample application you can download to test if this assumption is true.

If so, there is a workaround in the thread, to disable hardware rendering for the WPF process, or, to update the driver on the target PC.

Hope this helps,

  • basalode
    I also began to suspect this issue caused by Intel Graphic Driver after reading your previous reply in other thread. Your attached sample application also didn't work. I'll try your suggested workaround. Thanks,
  • Andrew
    That's great. Its a big shame as it affects a subset of users. We've even spoken to a major computer manufacturer about it as they were using SciChart in one of their CPU temp apps, but no resolution from Intel. My advice is, if you can auto-detect the driver or hardware version and turn off WPF hardware rendering for the process it should give you a resolution without too much performance hit.
  • basalode
    Its very hard to detect the driver version or hardware version as there are no definitive caused. As you mention before this issue may caused by the WriteableBitmap lock/unlock. Is it possible to get the Wireablebitmap lock status from SCI component so the WPF hardware rendering can be turn on/off only if needed.
  • Andrew
    As far as I'm aware, no, sorry its not. This is a .NET Framework / Intel Driver issue, nothing to do with us. The call to WriteableBitmap.Lock() Unlock() simply does not download an image to the back buffer on certain Intel hardware. If you find a workaround to detect hardware failure please post it below as answer.
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