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Dear All:

I have been looking for a good way to obtain data from a multi-line chart (more than 1 y-value/y-axis) by either clicking an area that’s highlighted with a vertical line rollover, or selected with a vertical slice.

Basically I would like to take the data that I see in the Series Vertical Slices example, and extract the X-Axis values, as well as the Curve A, Curve B, and Curve C values that are shown on the vertical slice, so that I can insert that in something like a TextBox in a WPF.

Any idea how to do this, as well as with MVVM? (Will use MVC if necessary).

Thanks kindly!

— A

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Hi Ari,

It’s easy to do with a single RolloverModifier, you can just bind to the RolloverModifier.RolloverData property. Take a look at this page which describes what you get in RolloverModifier.RolloverData and how to bind to it.

For the VerticalSliceModifier it’s a little more difficult.

Well, X-value is actually on the VerticalLineAnnotation.X1, so you can bind to this TwoWay if you want to get this value in your viewmodel. The Y-values are not so simple. These are discovered as a result of hit-testing the RenderableSeries at X to find Y.

You know what I would honestly suggest you do, I would suggest looking into creating a custom chartmodifier. We have a tutorial here on creating a custom rollovermodifier, it gives you an insight into what is occurring inside this modifier. You could then extend it to meet your needs.

How does that sound?

Best regards,

  • Ari Sagiv
    Thank you for your response! I will read through it and give it a shot, and let you know how it works. Actually, all I would need is the X-value from the Vertical slice. I can easily index the y-values using the desired X-Value, assuming the values are equal (or close by).
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