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I constantly have OutOfMemoryException when I set IChartSeriesViewModel.DataSeries.FifoCapacity and there are 4 or more chart on a single SciChartSurface.
Exception’s code block is

viewModel.DataSeries.FifoCapacity = 1000000;

where viewModel is newly created instance of ChartSeriesViewModel class.
What it could be?

Exception stack trace is

A.  `1..ctor(Int32  )
Abt.Controls.SciChart.Model.DataSeries.DataSeries`2.set_FifoCapacity(Nullable`1 value)

p.s. I have no opportunity to set x64 as target platform. My SciChart version is 3.1 but there is the same problem with 3.22.

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From your comments above – 4 dataseries should not cause this problem, even in 32 bit.

  • 1x DataSeries of type TX=Double, TY=double requires 16 bytes per point.
  • FIFO DataSeries require approximately 2x the memory (32 bytes per point).
    • (This is unavoidable as FIFO DataSeries are implemented as a circular buffer, and must be unwrapped to a linear (non-circular) buffer before drawing)

Therefore 4x Fifo DataSeries (assuming TX=double, TY=double) should require 4(8+8)2*1000000=128MBytes.

Q1: How much memory do you observe the application to be using?
Q2: Are you sure that the memory is all allocated by SciChart? (Please post memory profiler screenshots for example)
Q3: How much memory does the target PC have?

Best regards,

  • Serg Polyanskikh
    The aplication (started from VS) consumes only 500 MB of 8 GB RAM at the moment of crash. Memory profiler throws an error when Just My code option disabled: Error 1 DA0002: It appears that the file was collected without properly setting the environment variables with VSPerfCLREnv.cmd. Symbols for managed binaries may not resolve
  • Andrew
    Ok thanks. Any chance you can send us a small code sample (email to support[at]scichart[dot]com) which reproduces the issue. We are unaware of any memory issues with FifoSeries but it is possible that there is something deeper going on.
  • Serg Polyanskikh
    I inserted GC.Collect() before updating FifoCapacity and now OutOfMemoryException is in there. Can you tell smth about this?please, see and
  • Andrew
    As I said already - a.) this should not happen under normal use and b.) we need a code sample which reproduces the issue in order to investigate further.
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