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What are the Proguard rules for SciChart?
Does any of the charting/core/data/drawing component uses reflection?

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Hi there,

As I’m aware of SciChart Android doesn’t use reflection which could cause problem with ProGuard minifacation process. So I think it just should work without any special rules for SciChart libraries.

Best regards,

  • abc def
    cant survive proguard, the error given: JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: java_class == null in call to GetMethodID from void com.scichart.charting.visuals.renderableSeries.SeriesDrawingManager.initialize()
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Hi abc def (what’s your name btw?)

I’ve attached our pro guard rules below. Does this help?

# Add project specific ProGuard rules here.
# By default, the flags in this file are appended to flags specified
# in C:/Program Files/Android/sdk/tools/proguard/proguard-android.txt
# You can edit the include path and order by changing the proguardFiles
# directive in build.gradle.
# For more details, see

# Add any project specific keep options here:

# typical library config from
-renamesourcefileattribute SourceFile
-keepattributes Exceptions,InnerClasses,Signature,Deprecated, SourceFile,LineNumberTable,*Annotation*,EnclosingMethod

# skip public classes + its protected and public methods, fields etc.
-keep public class * {
    public protected *;

# These methods are inserted by the javac compiler and the jikes compiler respectively, in JDK 1.2 and older, to implement the .class construct.
# ProGuard will automatically detect them and deal with them, even when their names have been obfuscated. However, other obfuscators may rely on the original method names.
# It may therefore be helpful to preserve them, in case these other obfuscators are ever used for further obfuscation of the library.
-keepclassmembernames class * {
    java.lang.Class class$(java.lang.String);
    java.lang.Class class$(java.lang.String, boolean);

# leave native methods - we need to save method's names to correctly call C++ code
-keepclasseswithmembernames,includedescriptorclasses class * {
    native <methods>;

# need to preserve some methods for enum classes
-keepclassmembers,allowoptimization enum * {
    public static **[] values();
    public static ** valueOf(java.lang.String);
  • abc def
    haha, my name is in my email addr. “abd def” was just to speed up registration process. Only made it work by applying this rule. -keep public class com.scichart.** { public protected *; }. had to keep everything, it seems native code accesses some java methods. e.g. Point2DSeries#setSize() method not found in native lib. I used proguard-android-optimize, probably it stripped it away.
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