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We want to find YValue for a given Xvalue. If there is no exact matching point in the series, in order to interpolate it is required to get closest two points on left and right side of the given XValue. I tried to use IXyDataSeries.FindIndex with SearchMode.RoundDown and SearchMode.RoundUp. I’ve got two points from the left side. Please have a look at below image. Is this the expected behaviour?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your enquiry.
Sorry about the delay in answering! We have to handle lots of requests either here and via email, so it is easy to leave something unanswered.

Concerning your enquiry, we can suggest using IRenderableSeries.HitTest (Point, useInterpolation) or IRenderableSeries.HitTest (Point, hitTestRadius, useInterpolation). These should help as that is their primary function. And please pass any value as Y coordinate – this is the way RolloverModifier works.

Anyway, it’s quite strange and unexpected that you faced any troubles with FindIndex; it is well tested and should work properly.

Please take a look and let us know if this can be a solution for you.

Best regards,

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