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I have a trial version of Scichart (which I hope to upgrade soon to get the current 15% discount!) working on my windows 7 64 bit machine. I initially used the 64 bit Scichart dll, but when I tried to run it on my other 32 bit WIN 7 machine, the application wont start up, so I downgraded to the Scichart dll in the folder that is neither for 32 bit nor 64bit. That worked on my windows 7 32 bit machine! Out of curiosity, I tried it on another 64 bit Windows 7, and once again, the application won’t startup. What could be the problem? My application appears in the Task Manager console and then disappears, and Scichart is the only new library I have added.

Can you please let me know if this has anything to do with the free trial license I have currently, or it’s something more serious as it prevents my entire application from starting up.


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Hi Darlon,

Try the library in the Program Files/ABT Software/SciChart/Lib/net40 folder. This is compiled for Any CPU and will work on both x86 and x64 machines.

The x86/x64 versions are only compiled for users who want to target only one platform (e.g. users that have multiple mixed native/managed projects and target just one platform).

Hope this helps

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