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When multiple charts are simultaneously (i. e. in separate UI threads) added to the group (even to different ones, or if one is added and the other unloads), I get InvalidOperationException about collection being changed.

Should be easy to reproduce, but I can supply the code, if you need it.

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Hi Gman,

What version are you using? In v2.x multiple UI threads can’t be done, since we are sharing control templates and binding to a static theme provider. What we’re going to do to bring back multi-threaded to SciChart is move rendering operations to a background thread, so soon, there will be no more need to have multiple dispatcher threads with SciChart

  • Andrew
  • gman
    I'm using the latest 2.1 release. Since my theming is completely custom, I didn't notice the lack of multi-threading support. Unfortunately, in my case charting isn't the only thing that needs performance, and multi-threading also brings far greater reliability (app doesn't crash completely and offers instant recovery). Due to architecture of my application I can't use one thread for all chart windows (and frankly don't want to), so it would be great, if you brought back multi-threading support when styles aren't the issue. What I'm afraid of is that if you won't support multi-threading, someday it'll become so broken, I'll have to use some other component. Also, I wonder, why theming is an issue for multi-threading support. In my app all charts use application-wide styles, templates and brushes without any issues. I do seal resources myself, but it's quite straightforward, in my opinion :) I can share the method here.
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