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I have 3 StackedColumnRenderableSeries using MVVM with StackedColumnRenderableSeriesViewModel.
I applied CustomAnnotationModifier, and because each x value of the 3 columns share same x value the X position of annotation is same (As in the attached image with the red annotations).
So i would like to be able to get the coordinates of each column for each series and to have annotation horizontally spread.

I have manged to get the series body width, and x coordinate using
var xCoordCalc = XAxis.GetCurrentCoordinateCalculator()
xCoordCalc.GetCoordinate((double)xValues[i]) //same outome for every series at same x point

i can possibly work out the aboslute positions, but i was wondering if there is a better way. Any idea?


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Hi Raed,

Sorry for a delayed answer. Unfortunately, there is no public API to get coordinates of side columns. I’m going to log this issue and we will consider extending the API in future.

Best regards,

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