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We have been using the SuspendUpdates updates functionality to prevent wasting time on redraw while processing data.

As noted in the documentation below this causes the UI thread to lock when it attempts to draw.

Is there a less messy way around this other than just collecting all of our processed data and then appending this in one go on completion.

We are after the UI being able to update and provide progress on how the processing is going.

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Hi there,

SuspendUpdates() does cause the SciChartSurface to stop drawing while you are appending, because we cannot draw data while you are appending or modifying data, but it does not lock the entire UI thread (the rest of your application).

So I’m not sure that use of SuspendUpdates() will prevent you from providing progress on how the update is going.

Maybe you can clarify the problem you are facing?

Best regards,

  • Hugoagogo
    My use case is as follows, my view model has a few xydataseries, I have a command linked up to a button on my window, using the asyc/await pattern I call my function that reads one of the lines already in my chart, does some filtering and add the points to a new line on the chart. This does run in a background thread, my progress bar updates and you can see the line slowly get added to the plot with a lot of flickering. If I wrap the processing in the suspend updates block, the function finishes much faster but locks the UI, meaning no progress updates and no mouse interaction.
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