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Can someone please point me to where I can complete this tutorial.

Why end this tutorial like this??

// That’s it! The SCIChartSurface will now display on the screen with default axis ranges

As is, it simply displays the x and y values. Nothing else.

How can I add my x and y values so that I can display my graph

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Please ignore my question, for I just noticed that there was a followup to this series and that it did not end on where I left off.

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Hi Robert,

I am glad you have already found the answer.
Here are tutorials for SciChart iOS:

Please take a look at our whole Getting started Guide here:

It has links to the tutorials, examples with the code and more. I hope you will have a great experience.
Please let us know if you need anything else!

Best regards,

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Thank you Julia, I feel very lost for the first time in a very long time. Charts are something I am having problems grasping. But I am determined to truly understanding on how they work.
I have completed numerous complicated programs including this one for one of my partners that I did for them. I just recently updated the App for an addition the BBC requested for one of their up coming series.

But, Scichart for me has been truly daunting for there is very little documentation for iOS. I just wish that their were iOS tutorials

Thank you again, Julia.

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