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Now I using white collor for backgrounds:

 <!-- Background defaults -->
<item name="sciChartBackground">@color/white</item>
<item name="legendBackground">@color/white</item>
<item name="axisTooltipBackground">@color/white</item>

But I whant to display text view uhder chart
When I set backgrounds as transparent I see black lines

And questions is:
1. how can I setup chart to display text under chart component
2. where I can read/see information about styles and for which each parameter is needed.

On first screenshot its what I needed
On second one what I have

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Hi Evgeny,

To display other Views under the chart you’ll need to switch to another IRenderSurface implementation because default one uses GlSurfaceView as a base and it doesn’t allow to draw anything below it. We provide two alternative implementations which are abit slower than default one but don’t have problems with transparency – one which is based on TextureView (GLTextureView) and another which uses Canvas API for drawing(RenderSurface). To switch you just need to set new render surface instance for your chart:

            // set Canvas based renderer
            surface.setRenderSurface(new RenderSurface(getActivity()));


            // set OpenGL Texture based renderer 
            surface.setRenderSurface(new GLTextureView(getActivity()));

Regarding styling of chart – unfortunately we don’t have a separate article about chart themes but I would suggest to take a look on IThemeProvider interface and comments for its members which should explain the purpose of each theme parameter.

Hope this will help you!

Best regards,

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