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I’m evaluating SciCharts at the moment and so far it looks very promising.
However I have found I can’t get the chart to display millisecond formatting.
This is how I’m setting up the X axis, but it never shows ms values.

                <SciChart:DateTimeAxis TextFormatting="hh:mm:ss:fff" DrawMinorTicks="True"
                                       Margin="10,10,10,10" AxisTitle="Time (hh:mm:ss)"
                        <SciChart:DoubleRange Min="0.1" Max="0.1"/>

My data has about 100 readings per second, but needs to be able to vary that to maybe 1 reading per minute for a matter of days (therefore the X axis needs to show Hours,Minutes,Seconds and milliseconds)
Thanks in advance

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Hi there, and thanks for your enquiry!

Ok I took a look at the MSDN docs, and I think the format needs to be hh:mm:ss.fff, not hh:mm:ss:fff.

Can you try this change and let me know if it works?

Best regards,

  • ajt
    Hi,Thanks for taking time to look at this - yes it was my mistake putting in :fff and not .fff - I think I've tried both combinations I've found that the ms display works to start with but stops showing the ms numbers after some realtime data is sent to the chart and then interaction re-enabled. (I've been using RealTimePerformanceDemoView as a basis for my evaluation)Regards, Andy
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