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I haven’t been working with scichart for a while and today I tried upgrading my application from 1.7 to 2.1. I got so many compiling errors and what not that I had to give it up. Is there any sort of upgrade-feature list like there was when upgrading to 1.5?


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Hi Lisbeth,

Yes we’ve made a lot of API changes. These were necessary to ensure we can continue building great software both now and in the future 🙂

Upgrading v1.x to v2.x

Please take a look at the SciChart Release Note v2.0.x which contains upgrade instructions from v1.x to v2.0. Here we go through the compiler errors that you will encounter and how to resolve them.

UPDATE – Upgrading v2.x to v3.x

We also have steps to update v2.x to v3.x in the document SciChart Release Note v3.0. The major API changes occurred between v1.x and v2.x, after that, smaller changes have occurred.

Best regards,

  • Lisbeth Skogland
    I had to leave this for a while, I'm back now. Apart from the tips in the upgrade instructions I'm getting some runtime errors. As you may remember Andrew, I was quite early at adopting the annotations and made changes to it, which I'm sure is the reason for this. Right now I'm getting a runtime error saying: "Unable to Apply the Control Template. PART_LineAnnotationRoot is missing or of the wrong type". Looking at the source code I can see that I have copied and changed this from the themes and now you have made some changes which makes this stuff fail. Can you maybe explain why and how this is changed and how to make this stuff work again?
  • Lisbeth Skogland
    I think I just solved it. Now it seems to work fine, so never mind my question :-)
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