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Hi every one,

When I wasworking with FastMountainRenderSeries , I try coloring the series by using PaletteProvider and it worked.
Hower, when I zoomed in the series I saw some strange behavior.
Before zoom, the series look like this (3 small line represented for 3 small series elements)

When I zoomed in 1 step (by using middle wheel), 2 lines were gone, only one in middle (as the image below)

When I zoomed in one more, only one line in the right :

How can I configure the zooming behavior of FastMountainRenderSeries so that 3 small lines are always showed when zoom in and zoom out even though how small they are.

Thanks in advance.

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Does any body can help me, please?

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Hi Quan,

Sorry for taking so long to answer. Probably this question has been overlooked among others.

So concerning your issue, it happens because the default renderer seems to skip very thin lines (1px and less). To fix this, I would suggest using the HighQuality Renderer isntead. I’ve tested the sample project with it and the lines appear as expected, despite zoom level.
Please see the article about SciChart Renderers to learn how to utilize it.

Also, although it is not required in the sample project, you may need to switch off resampling on a RenderableSeries. Please refer to this thread for more info.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Juriy,

The solution fixed not 100% the problem,
See the picture below:

enter image description here

  • Yuriy
    Hi Quan, please let us discuss this in the team and consider what can be done about this. I’ll get back to you afterwise.
  • Yuriy
    Just a quick update, we suspect there is a regression bug on our side with drawing of thin lines. Please bear with us intill we investigate it.
  • hapham.sioux
    @Quan: It seems to be a good news for us and other SciChart customers, but a very bad news for Yuriy. @Yuriy: Thank you very much for your support.
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