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1 vote

Hello, everyone.

I want to add annotations for analyzing 3d charts.
In order to do that, it is necessary to be able to make several marks on the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis, and I would like to know the best practices.

please check the attached picture. It is similar with cursor but it’s fixed.
I found Custom Geometry documents.
but I am not sure this is for the best.

Kim, JinSeok.

1 vote

I’m trying to draw 3d spectrum waterfall chart using PointLineRenderableSeries3D, but the graph is flickering (when i rotate it using orbit modifier) with dashed lines. I’m trying to use different settings in my code and SciChart Examples (StrokeThickness, Opacity, Antialiasing, layout rounding, tips from this topic, but nothing helps me. I attach two images (plot 1 from SciChart Examples (dashed lines) and plot 2 – from my program (flickering)). Is there any way to make lines more clear and not flickering (something like plot 3 attached image).

0 votes

Is there any way to change the view of a 3d chart so the Y and Z axis are switched?

0 votes

Hi everyone,

i’m just looking for a polar chart that can plot 3D-Data like Heatmap Chart. Anyone has an idea about it?

1 vote

Needing a 3D Plot for only around 100 points.

There is a SciChart3D nuget available for download but without any example.

Has anyone used it and can provide an example to me.


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