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Dear Team,

We are evaluating Scichart Candle series chart from example suite and facing following issue [Stock market analysis product]. I am using 2 example from the demo solution of scichart after extracting. Attached are solution to reproduce. We are using version of scichart.

SciChart multipane candle chart or candle line example project throws Access Violation in Scichart.Data.Dll if number of points increased to 5000 or above. The issue happens in both solutions Multiplane chart and CandleStickAndLines.

1) SciChart_MultiPaneStockCharts.sln:

if i increase number of candle points around 5k to 10k, (i wrote an API which reads data points file this data is of real Stock Market data).

Issue 1) Firstly the chart does not render if points are more than 5000. But If we do any resize of window height or width the chart renders. If i include volume panel and other indicators like in the example the chart throws Access violation.

Issue 2) If i comment all the series retain only candle series the chart renders with 5-10k points but only after resize of window. And if i add volume panel runtime from a button click (i added Add Panel button on left hand side tray) the chart crashes with Access Violation in SciChart.Data.dll

Issue 3) The width of the chart does not work fine, even with example data set which is about 3k+ points if i shrink the width lets say to half and then make large, couple of times the chart then does not invalidate or redraw just becomes small and then nothing works (zoom , pan or any clicks)

Issue4) I also saw crash when i tried to move the axis X couple of times, again when volume and other series were present.

In this project since it creates series from code behind the CandleSeries ( but with line series commented) works fine even if 10k points added.
But as soon the Line series added dynamically by button or by lets say right click the chart crashes Access Violation. It seems there is a threshold above which FastLineRenderableSeries (column, line etc) crashes with Access Violation.

Kindly need your assistance. If this issue can be fixed or has been fixed we would be pushing management to buy the license of the product we really like its feartures.


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