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We’re allowing our users to place down annotations on the chart with an annotation creation modifier. One of these annotations is a Text annotation.

We then allow users to save these annotations into our own proprietary file format and load them back in with the chart data. To do this we iterate through the AnnotationCollection of the chart and parse the SciChart annotations to data we save to our files.

To save the content of the text for the TextAnnotation we read the TextAnnotation.Text property. However, we’ve noticed that this property is not set until the annotation has lost focus (we click away from the annotation somewhere else on the chart). If we save the annotation before we click away from it, we do not get the current text from the TextAnnotation.Text property.

The process to reproduce this is:
1. Place down a TextAnnotation.
2. Edit the TextAnnotation content. Do not click away from the text so to annotation remains in “Editing” mode
3. Save the data.
4. As we’re saving we read the TextAnnotation.Text property to save to our file. However, the TextAnnotation.Text property returns a blank string because its still being edited.

Is there a way from within our code that we can finish the editing of the text annotation, so that when we get the TextAnnotation.Text property it is the current text the user typed in? Or is there a way to get the current text within the TextAnnotation without finishing the editing or changing the focus?

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Hi SciChart team,

first of all I want to say that I still think SciChart is great! However, I am quite frustrated at the moment. In small applications, the chart and its annotations work very well (yes “Annotations are Easy!”), but in large industrial applications with many views and millions of lines of code, there are from time to time difficult complications with the chart. This is also the case now with the Annotation Creation Modifier. As far as I can see, the AnnotationCreationModifier.OnModifierMouseUp method uses the annotation’s IsSelected state to determine whether to create a new annotation or complete one. With custom composite annotation it can happen that a mouse click first selects the annotation and only then AnnotationCreationModifier.OnModifierMouseUp is called (see attached screenshots).
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, depending on where the mouse is.
The AnnotationCreationModifier should not use the annotation’s IsSelected state to complete its internal “edit mode” and call “OnAnnotationCreated”.
Or is there already a solution for this?


  • Tobias asked 1 year ago
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