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Our current chart setup is as follows: 2 charts, each with 2 line series (~23k data points per line series – datetime [x-axis], double[y-axis]), data is added to the line series in real-time and all data is retained (never deleted). Both charts share a motion events group (pinchzoom, rollover, xaxisdrag, zoomextents).
Of the 2 Line series, each line series can be removed or added to the chart at random.

We noticed that an index out of bounds error occurs if you quickly add/remove a new line series (plus data) and start zooming in/out quickly, as much as possible. – easiest way to replicate issue. In some cases, if you zoom in with an already loaded lines series, the error still comes up.
See attached txt logs.

I considered completely disabling chart interaction (by disabling chart modifiers) before adding or removing a line series, however, this caused other issues such as vertical annotations being removed.

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