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I have two questions about how to get axes or annotations by ID.

First, I trying to update the VisibleRange for X axis in the internalUpdate function in the UniformHeatmapSeriesTooltip. When I use getAxisById, my ECG data series is gone from the chart. But it works if I use getDefault() instead (axis Id not defined). So I kind of confused.

private class CustomHeatmapTooltip extends UniformHeatmapSeriesTooltip {

        public CustomHeatmapTooltip(Context context, UniformHeatmapSeriesInfo heatmapInfo) {
            super(context, heatmapInfo);
        protected void internalUpdate(UniformHeatmapSeriesInfo heatmapInfo) {
            ecgSurface.getXAxes().getAxisById("ecgx").setVisibleRange(new DateRange(startDate, stopDate));

Second, I have one vertical line annotation and multiple text annotations. Every time I render the heatmap, I want to remove the text annotations and add some new text annotations as needed, without touching the vertical line annotation. Is there a way to only remove the text annotations?

Thanks a lot.

  • Gang Xu asked 9 months ago
  • last active 9 months ago
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