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hello, i have an exception.
see the try catch

public class CategoryDateTimeAxisEx : CategoryDateTimeAxis
    public override IComparable GetDataValue(double pixelCoordinate)
        var dataValue = DateTime.MinValue;

        var coordCalc = GetCurrentCoordinateCalculator();
        if (coordCalc != null)
            // Returns the index of a dataPoint, need to transform it to a dataValue
            var value = coordCalc.GetDataValue(pixelCoordinate);

            var catCoordCalc = coordCalc as ICategoryCoordinateCalculator<DateTime>;
                dataValue = catCoordCalc?.TransformIndexToData((int)value) ?? value.ToDateTime();
            catch (Exception e)
                 //TransformIndexToData() throw exception because catCoordCalc.BaseXValues is null,
                 //it only happend when my mouse over SciSurface and move faster on app startup
        return dataValue;

I use this class and override function now, it can work .but i don’t like this way.

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