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I was trying to create a box-and-whisker diagram using the Box Plot chart. Here I found the whisker line is not showing in my case. I have tried versions and None of them worked. But, interestingly, it is working fine in version
I am sharing a sample project. Can you please check and let me know if there is any issue with the updated versions? Or if I am missing anything here?

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Hello, I have the Boxplot working (in WPF) using Dates as X-Axis.

But if I try to use String values, I get the following exception:

‘La invocación del constructor del tipo ‘ReservoirAnalytics.Windows.Boxplots’ que coincide con las restricciones de enlace especificadas produjo una excepción.’ (número de línea: ’16’; posición de línea: ’10’).

Cannot create a DataDistributionCalculator for the type TX=System.String

Esta es la línea:
var boxDataSeries = new BoxPlotDataSeries<string, double>();

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