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I am trying to make my xAxes values to be in datetime, specifically i want to try and get the seconds since my graph will be 20 seconds worth of data.

I checked the Javascript examples however all of them resulted in a wrong date

            // ? Getting start Date
            const startDate = new Date(timestamp).getTime()
            // ? yValues Array size
            const totalPoints = yValues.length
            // ? Getting end Date
            const endDate = startDate + (totalPoints - 1) * 64
            // ? xValues Array. startDate + i * 64 ms
            const xValues = Array.from({ length: totalPoints }, (_, i) => startDate + i * 64)

            // ? xAxes
            const xAxes = new CategoryAxis(wasmContext, {
                defaultXStart: startDate,
                defaultXStep: 64,
                defaultXEnd: endDate,
                labelProvider: new SmartDateLabelProvider(),
                axisAlignment: EAxisAlignment.Bottom,
                autoRange: EAutoRange.Always,
                drawMajorGridLines: false,
                drawMinorGridLines: false,
            xyDataSeries = new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, { xValues, yValues })

– xValues array consists of 320 values from start date to end date going up by 64ms
– Yes all the values of xValues are correct, console logged and checked them manually
– I tried DateTimeNumericAxis but it resulted in the same thing as the below screenshot

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Hi, we are using CategoryAxis to display stock data, however, as you can see in the image below, within the “same” candle or volume, divergent information is displayed.

am I doing something wrong?

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